Zheng YiFan returns with Team E

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BEJ48 reserved a surprise for their fans while they visited the SNH48 Xingmeng Theater for their National Holiday tour earlier this month: the return of one of their original Team E members who had been demoted to “IDOLS Ft” in January 2019.

Zheng YiFan (a 6th generation member of SNH48) who became a member of Team E at its formation on April 20th, 2016. She later was moved to “IDOLS Ft” as part of the SNH48 Group 2019 reorganization.

At present, she is still listed as a member of “IDOLS Ft” but she has presented herself as a member of Team E during the Shanghai tour. She was also listed as a member on the group’s Weibo (see right).

Stay tuned!

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