ZB Label girls in SK

The new Mnet idol variety show “Girls Planet 999” is getting ready to debut on August 6th, 2021. As part of the promotion for the show, a theme song is being released with three promo videos (1 for each of the countries represented in the show).

The China line saw its video being released on July 14th. While the show features a few lines said in Mandarin, the song itself remains in Korean with all 33 Chinese participants taking part. Amongst them are the four members of SNH48 Group who flew to South Korea at the end of May to start getting ready for the show.

ZB Label (owned by Zanybros) will be the agency their members will represent during the show. Zanybros and STAR48 have a long-time strategic partnership with SNH48 Group talent being represented by ZB Label in South Korea.

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