Yan YuDie joins CKG48 in Chengdu

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CKG48 was once again on tour in the city of Chengdu on July 20th as they presented a new version of their “Miss Camellia” stage (titled “Miss Camellia 成长”) to the assembled fans. The members also held a handshake event promoting the SNH48 Group election EP.

New member introduced

As previously announced earlier this week, the group introduced a new member during the show.

She is Yan YuDie of “IDOLS Ft” (a 6th generation member of GNZ48). She joined GNZ48 as a trainee in October 2018 but had yet to be promoted to a team before the group reorganization saw her moved to “IDOLS Ft”.

Watch her introduction at top of page.

Miss Camellia 成长

This new version of the “Miss Camellia” stage incorporates a different mix of songs and represents the “evolution” of the group as it slowly rebuilds itself.

Here is the stage setlist:

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