Xu ShiQi makes surprise return

Some older fans of SNH48 will no doubt remember a scandal dating back to October 2018 involving a member of SNH48 Team X (formerly of Team XII) named Xu ShiQi.

Xu ShiQi had been discovered by fans has having gone on a vacation to an expensive island resort with her boyfriend and had sufferend severe backlash after attempting to lie her way out of the scandal.

She was “graduated” from the group and placed on hiatus with her case eventually making its way to the courts and, as far as everyone knew, that was pretty much the end of it but,…

Surprise, surprise! Eagle-eyed fans noticed on June 16th, 2021 that her “Pocket48” account had been reactivated and, on June 17th, she actually posted a message indicating that she was “back”. That was accompanied by a long note to fans (see translation to the right) where she takes ownership for her mistake and asks for forgiveness. She states she knows she will have to earn the trust of fans and the company before she can truly be back but, that she plans to work hard for it.

Xu ShiQi’s letter to fans. Translation provided by our Partner Fan Site Info@SNH48Group
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