Xu JiaQi’s “FOX” MV

SNH48 surprised everyone during the 1st generation second graduation concert on October 8th by releasing a new solo MV for Xu JiaQi (Kiki) who is presently part of the IQIYI temporary group “THE9”.

“FOX” is a new version of the same song released by the now disbanded subunit “DeMOON”. You can see the original MV below.

The choice of this song is not a surprise to fans of Xu JiaQi or SEN7ES as the fox is a symbol used to represent her.

With her time mostly devoted to “THE9”, Kiki did not have a lot of time to film this MV, so a few tricks were used. Unused footage of a past SNH48 MV was pulled from the archives to be mixed with sequences filmed in a studio to create an entire new look.

Watch that new MV at top of page.

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