Welcome 2021!

This was a bit of a weird New Year for SNH48 Group. With pandemic restrictions still in place in many parts of China, several of the end-of-year events the group usually participates in were either cancelled or scaled back considerably which led to SNH48 either not getting invited or pulling out altogether from certain activities.

The good news is that, with the exception of BEJ48, none of the special New Year’s Eve special stages had to be cancelled and GNZ48 still showed up throughout the GuangdongTV national network throughout the day.

Let us take a moment and review some of the day’s events.


This is usually a very busy time for SNH48, but this year is an exception. Instead of running around China recording any number of shows, the teams have stuck close to home preparing for the upcoming Best50 Request Time concert in mid-January. There were several hints of the group taking part in a few shows but they did not materialize. Indications are that management turned down offers that were not considered beneficial.

The group did present their usual special New Year’s Eve stage featuring members of Team SII and Team HII this year. Contrary to previous years, the entire show was not broadcast. A pre-show reserved to fans onsite was offline and only the second part leading up to the end of the year was shown at large.

You can watch that second half in the video below.


BEJ48 was supposed to also present a special stage in their new home. That plan was scuttled by the government as it imposed new Covid-19 restrictions on all events last week. As a result, it was decided that the group present a web show instead, in a way similar to what was being done last Spring at the height of the pandemic. You can watch that below.


GNZ48 was without a doubt the busiest of all sister groups with no only a special stage (video is below) but also appearances on GuangdongTV, GuangzhouTV, and Tencent.

A team recorded a performance at the GuangzhouTV tower (2nd video below) which was broadcast several times throughout the evening on their network. A separate group was featured in a GuangdongTV special New Year’s Eve comedy show (3rd video) which replaced their usual much bigger outdoor celebration due to Covid-19. In both of these instances, “Happy Wonder World” was the featured song.

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