BEJ48 recently completed the run of their “Each Other’s Future” stage and had announced the upcoming premiere of their newest performance. Sadly, that was delayed a few times due to Covid-19 restrictions once again getting placed on Beijing.

It was consequently with high enthusiasm that fans welcomed the arrival of “WE ARE THE BEJ” (title once again based on a song from the SNH48 Group discography) on stage this December 11th, 2021.

Although this is not an original stage, it can’t really be called a “waiting stage” either as there are no indications that anything original is forthcoming. Fans still got to enjoy favourites from a number of past stages in the SNH48 family.

You can watch the full show in the video at top of the page.

Arrival of the 10th generation!

The other important moment of the night was the introductions of seven (same as in Chongqing earlier this month) new 10th generation members! This was a much needed shot of adrenaline for the team which had suffered from being understaffed due to some resignations.

The new members are (from left to right below): Guo XiaoYing, Han Xue, Li SiAo, Lin Ying, Wang SiYi, Wang YanXi, and Zhu HongRong.

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