“Ultimate Mission” continues saga

The SNH48 Xingmeng Theater in Shanghai was brimming with excitement as the first new original stage in 2 years finally was getting ready to make its premiere on July 24th, 2021.

Team HII was the lucky recipient of this stage after winning a vote that took place during the last Best50 Request Time concert even though it has been almost half a year since then.

“Ultimate Mission” is a direct continuation of the story presented in “Heading News” (their previous stage which is still being performed) and is part of the larger “saga” which includes all of the most recent SNH48 original stages (e.g. “District 48”, “Plan Salvation”, “Fate X”,…)

The show

This show has a lot to mention as far as SNH48 stages go.

First, this is the first new stage not to include any 1st or 2nd generation members as part of the main lineup (with 1st generation members graduated and most 2nd generation members about to do so).

Second, fans were very prompt to notice it is the first original stage not to include any of the usual “cutesy” (or kewaii) idol songs most often associated to Japanese-style idols. The music is distinctly more pop rock. With the SNH48 fan demographic (and the demand in China in general) becoming dominated by female fans, the styling of costumes and choreographies has become more “masculine” in nature.

Third, if you pay attention you will notice a change on the physical stage itself with a new center screen making an appearance for the first time in the area where a series of rotating doors/mirrors always used to stand (a legacy from the early days). It is uncertain if this is meant to be a permanent change but it certainly created a new atmosphere.

Find some photos from the show below.

The setlist

SNH48 has a long tradition of reaching far and wide for composers to create songs. This show is no exception with a mix of rock/pop songs coming from China, Japan, and South Korea.

Note that, for the first time, most songs have an English title and the few that do not were provided official translated titles. The stage respects the usual pattern of 16 songs with Act 2 being unit performances (2 to 5 members).

Click on the image below to see in details and watch the video to meet the composers.

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