Some fans keeping track of happenings within the IQIYI survival show “Youth With You 2” (which includes several members of SNH48 Group) are starting to cry foul at what appears to be yet another case of a show manipulating results to drive a specific pre-determined group to the final (e.g. the recent PD101 scandal in South Korea.)

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It all started last week when a very popular member of SNH48 (Mo Han of Team SII) ranked in below 30 during the 1st elimination of the show. Although she was not eliminated, fans promptly took issue with the result as it is known her fan club had enough funds to buy votes that should have secured her a much higher rank.

Fans have long been suspicious of the way these contests are managed and events in South Korea have just made any hints of manipulation extremely sensitive. The fact that IQIYI has been editing the show differently for the domestic market compared to what is shown internationally only reinforces that belief.

IQIYI protects itself

It appears IQIYI is aware of the criticism as they took pains on their sites to indicate they had an external “auditor” keeping tabs of the votes to make sure everything was legitimate. They even recently modified that statement with stronger verbage and by indicating the name of the auditor.

Below are the two statements. The one to the left is the original with the right representing the amended statetement.

There are a couple of issues with the statements above.

First, there is mention of “implementation of the agreed proceedings for the online voting.” However, those proceedings have never been publicly revealed. Which means they could have “rules” that allow them to ignore the popular vote or have “internal” votes that are given greater value. It has been done before.

Second, it is a known fact that companies like the one mentionned are “auditors” in name only. All those companies do is really take care of paperwork. They DO NOT actually validate the numbers that are given to them. That is left up to the customers to do. They simply put a nice little stamp of approval on it. Yes, that is true everywhere.

Did IQIYI get itself caught in the act of cheating fans of their vote through some invisible technical loophole? Can fans trust the “auditors”?

This story is just beginning!

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