Tour stop in Chongqing

July 18th, 2020 saw the arrival in Chongqing of the SNH48 Group members who participated in the survival shows “Youth With You 2” and “CHUANG 2020” (“Produce Camp 2020”) for the first of a 2-stop tour in Chongqing and Chengdu as we first covered here.

Playing to a crowd limited to social distancing rules, the show was streamed Live on the “Pocket48” APP and Youtube channel as well as on Bilibili. You can watch the Youtube stream at top of the page.

Each of the “teams” performed the theme songs of their respective shows before presenting their interpretation of some well-known stages and some solos to the thrill of the fans who were lucky enough to get tickets.

The show moves to Chengdu on July 19th but without the Live stream as the venue is not equipped to support it.

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