SNH48 announced on its Sina Weibo account on August 16th that the selection of the site for the filming of the 2020 Top 16 election MV had been completed.

Covid-19 oblige, members will not be going to an international location this year but, instead, will go to the world-famous resort island of Hainan in the South of the country. The Atlantis Sanya Resort in the city of SanyaSanyaSanya is the southernmost city on Hainan Island, and one of the four prefecture-level cities of Hainan Province, in Southeast China. Known in ancient times as Yazhou, Sanya"s history dates to the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BCE). Due to its remoteness from the political centers during the Imperial China eras on Mainland China, Sanya was sometimes called Tianya Haijiao (天涯海角), meaning "the end of the sky and ocean" or "the end of the earth". As a result, the city served as a place of exile for officials who found themselves out of favor with the country"s rulers. Source: Wikipedia will play host to the group for this very special time.

Here is a video from the grand opening of the resort in 2018.

If you think this sounds familar, you are not entirely wrong.

The 2017 SNH48 Group Top 32 went to another Atlantis resort (in Dubai) to film their MV for the song “Glorious Times” (MV below). That had been the result of a collaboration between STAR48 and the investors who were, at the time, building the Sanya resort to help promote it.

Let’s hope for another great MV this time!

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