To the New York Fashion Week

The top 3 members of the 2017 edition of the subunit Style7 (winners of the 2017 SNH48 Group x Mina Fashion show) were invited to participate in a special event organized by brands PONY中国PONY中国Brand of footwear and other clothing founded in the United States and now headquartered in Hong Kong under the company name Pony International. Source: Wikipedia (PONY China) and Harbin BeerHarbin BeerHarbin Brewery is a Chinese brewery founded in 1900 in Harbin, China. As China"s fourth largest brewery and its oldest one, it has a leading position in Northeast China and owns the Hapi beer brand. Source: Wikipedia during the New York Fashion Week on February 9th.

The members part of that selection are Dai Meng (SNH48 Team SII), Xu JiaQi (SNH48 Team SII), and Chen QianNan (BEJ48 Team E)

Also supposed to be part of the trip was Li YiTong (SNH48 Team HII) who is an image ambassador for Harbin Beer.

Sadly, both Chen QianNan and Li YiTong were not able to secure visas to visit the United States and, as a result, only Dai Meng and Xu JiaQi will represent the group in New York.

The missing members will be given another opportunity during the upcoming Shanghai Fashion Week in March.

Dai Meng (Click to enlarge)
Xu JiaQi (Click to enlarge)
Chen QianNan (Click to enlarge)


The event

Dai Meng and Xu JiaQi arrived at John F Kennedy international airport on the morning of February 9th (local time) where they were greeted by several fans before being called to do a quick promo photoshoot and then sent to get rest before the event on the same evening.

The fashion show featuring Pony products and some Harbin branded attire (as the co-sponsors) welcomed several Chinese artists and medias as guests.

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