This the season for singles!

STAR48, SNH48 Group, and even now solo graduates are offering a frenzy of new singles as we enter the final stretch of 2020. We reported yesterday on the re-release of “Happy Wonder World” with the SNH48 Family Group plus recent solo singles by Mo Han, Dai Meng, Yuan YiQi, Chen Ke, and Sun Rui.

Today, December 23rd sees the release of two other solos: “City Lights” by STAR48 artist Li YiTong (Hall of Famer) and “Merry Christmas, Miss Jane” the first independent solo by Xu ChenChen (Honoured Graduate) who is now an employee of STAR48. Both were released digitally on the three Tencent music platforms (QQ Music, Kuwo Music, and Kugou Music).

You can listen to all the songs in the playlists below or stream them from our free music service.


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