The way to the 10th anniversary

Since Fall of 2012, SNH48 (and later SNH48 Group) has created countless unforgettable moments for fans.

10 years is something to be proud of. Born as a little sister it then gained its independence as it grew to become the largest and longest lasting idol group in mainland China.

We now get ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary and embark in the next chapter.

Read to the right to find out some of the things that are being planned.

From social media to XR

Social medias were always a big part of the SNH48 business model: free stages online, Pocket48 APP, and more. The company is now taking the next step in its evolution in Q1 of 2022 with a new business model based on Extended RealityExtended Reality (XR)Umbrella term that covers Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), or MR (both). (XR).

10th Anniversary Album

STAR48 will be releasing a special 10th Anniversary album that will, for the first time, include STAR48 solo artists, Honoured Graduates, and active members of SNH48 Group. It will include the 10th Anniversary theme song as well as new versions of classic SNH48 songs from 2012 to present.

SNH48 Family Concert

Another first will be an anniversary concert by the SNH48 Family (solo artists, honoured graduates, members…). This will be a concert lineup not seen in years with a promise of a high production value.

9th Elections and B50

The next two SNH48 Group major events (9th General Elections and 9th Best50 Request Time Concert) will include special 10th Anniversary segments with a few surprises along the way.

Theater Specials

Each of the groups (SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, and CKG48) will host series of special anniversary events in their respective cities: 48 hours of uninterrupted performances, special shows and lineups, and more.

New headquarters?

Although it was not discussed in this most recent announcement, fans will recall that STAR48 had announced during the 8th General Elections plans to open a brand new headquarters with extensive facilities around the time of the group’s 10th anniversary. It is unknown if this project is still happening but, stay tuned!

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