The song of Summer

SNH48 Group released the title track of their new Summer EP which will contain the highly expected voting tickets for the 8th General Elections on Migu Music and Netease Music on May 26th, 2021.

Produced by South Korean singer and actor Danny Ahn (made famous in the early 2000s with the group G.O.D), the song is titled “怦然心动” (“Bong Bong Bong”).

Only members of SNH48 and GNZ48 participated in this song. Participating members were: Song XinRan, Shen MengYao, Zhang QiongYu, Duan YiXuan, Yuan YiQi, Zhou ShiYu, Zhu YiXin, You Miao, Wang Yi, Hong JingWen, Wang RuiQi, Liu ShengNan, Long YiRui, Ye ShuQi, Xie AiLin, Lu TianHui, Yan Qin, He YangQingQing, Luo KeJia, and Li ShanShan.

You can listen to the full song and the instrumental version above.

The web page for the new EP can be found here.

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