Everyone believed 2021 would finally see a return to normalcy for the SNH48 Group General Elections but, the pandemic had other ideas. Days before the big event, the Chinese government started issuing lockdown orders in multiple provinces as a result of an outbreak of the Covid-19 delta variant which originated in the city of Nanjing. Concerts and other events of all types were delayed or outright canceled. The general election itself was allowed to proceed only after it was decided that it would be online only with no public (even the 2020 pandemic edition had a limited audience).

The event once again took place at the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena (also known as the Shanghai Tennis Stadium) which was the site of the latest Best50 Request Time Concert and Sports Meet as well as the 2020 elections.

A total of 175 members from SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, and CKG48 all gathered in Shanghai despite these challenges.

Sun Rui of SNH48 Team SII (2nd generation) won the crown for the second year in a row with a total of 3,533,525 votes followed by Yuan YiQi of SNH48 Team HII (7th generation) and Shen MengYao of SNH48 Team HII (5th generation) in third place. This is the first time a member of a generation highter than five sits in the Top3.

For the first time ever, all members of the Top16 ranked with over 1 million votes! Even though Sun Rui came short of her record breaking total of 2020, it was still more than enough to win the crown and pave her way to the SNH48 Hall of Fame.


SNH48 Group always uses the high viewerships associated to the general elections and the Best50 concerts to make significant announcements and this year saw several major changes!

Company rebrands

The company that overseas all the various aspects of the business is being rebranded as “SIBA Trend Creation and Branding Group LTD” with three main subsidiaries: STAR48 (idol management), SIBA Visual (movie and TV productions), and SMEC (ecommerce).

New headquarters

SIBA is in the process of constructing its brand new headquarters named the “Beiwaitan STAR48 Cultural and Creative Park” which will welcome offices for various subsidiaries as well as entirely new facilities for STAR48 and SNH48 Group idols. Construction has already started with some facilities ready as early as Q4 of this year.

The concert

The assembled members presented what many fans consider to be the best election concert of recent years despite the lack of a Live audience.

Team songs, 2020 election songs, and solo numbers for the 2020 Top7 were evenly mixed throughout the show with guest performers from JNR48 (the children talent agency operating under license from STAR48 but not part of SNH48 Group).

As a special treat, the subunit SEN7ES presented the premiere of their new original song “After Party”.

You can watch the full videos of the preshow and the 8th General Elections to the right.

The winners of the 8th General Elections

Several faces are once again missing from the roster of winners this year with many of the remaining 2nd generation members not participating as they are about to graduate (before they turn 30). This has opened up a few positions in the Top16 but the most movement has, as usual, taken place in the Top32.

A lot of movement this year within the Top7 ranking with several members dropping making room for new faces. Below are the members who made it to that list.

Below are the full results of the SNH48 Group 8th General Elections.

Top 16

01. Sun Rui3,123,409
02. Yuan YiQi2,603,049
03. Shen MengYao2,457,570
04. Song XinRan2,136,261
05. Duan YiXuan1,711,427
06. Xu YangYuZhuo1,616,922
07. Yang BingYi1,476,698
08. Wang XiaoJia1,402,163
09. Wang Yi1,347,924
10. Zuo JingYuan1,321,643
11. Zhang Xin1,278,487
12. Zhou ShiYu1,172,802
13. Zhang QiongYu1,144,328
14. Chen Ke1,099,041
15. Tang LiJia1,096,560
16. Fei QinYuan1,024,328

Top 32 and Top 48

17. Zheng DanNi913,196
18. Zhu YiXin897,730
19. Zeng AiJia735,514
20. Hu XiaoHui744,646
21. Liu LiFei681,963
22. Su ShanShan672,413
23. Sun ZhenNi643,993
24. Qi Jing582,483
25. Liu ZengYan568568,115
26. Liu ShuXian471,153
27. Fang Qi460,983
28. Li JiaEn454,885
29. Hong JingWen422,650
30. You Miao398,734
31. Wu YuFei390,714
32. Jiang Shan388,314
33. Bai XinYu371,528
34. Shen XiaoAi367,488
35. Li ShanShan353,010
36. Huang XuanQi348,985
37. Wang RuiQi347,812
38. Yang YuanYuan347,668
39. Yan MingJun336,652
40. Wang ZiXin333,524
41. Jiang ShuTing329,729
42. Yang KeLu319,127
43. Lin ShuQing318,693
44. Zhao JiaRui313,410
45. Long YiRui310,860
46. Qing YuWen306,577
47. Guo Shuang299,982
48. Zhang YuXin298,519

Top 7 Newcomers

In the wave of the scandals associated to survival shows in China which led to the abrupt ban of all shows (even those who were already airing or about to), pressure is being put on agencies to really show they are working to develop talent instead of just pushing “disposable idols”.

This is not a significant concern for SNH48 Group as the entire model is based around that idea. However, in an effort to make that even more obvious this year, a new award was introduced for the “Top 7 Newcomers”. This is for the 7 members who ranked the highest from those participating in the event for the first time.

They were (in order): Huang XuanQi (BEJ48), Fan LuYuan (BEJ48), Wu BoHan (SNH48), Huang YiCi (BEJ48), Chen ZhenZhen (BEJ48), Tang ChenWei (BEJ48), and Huang YanFei (BEJ48).

Those who had to leave

As had been previously announced, only the members who ranked in the Top 148 (from 175 total participants) were going to participate in the ceremony. Rumours had indicated the 27 who failed to rank would be demoted but that was never officially confirmed and, up to now, that has not taken place.

Several 2nd and 3rd generation members asked their fans not to vote for them in these elections so that they would end up in that list. It included well known names like Wan Lina.

Here is the list of the members who failed to rank in the 148:

TEAM SIIBian ChuXian, Wen JingJie, Yuan YuZhen
TEAM NIIZhang RuiJie
TEAM HIILin Nan, Wan LiNa
TEAM XLi XingYan
SNH48 TraineesYu JiaWei, Zhang RanRan
TEAM GLin JiaPei, Yang QingYing
TEAM NIIIJiang YuHang, Liu Guo
TEAM ZWang QianNuo
GNZ48 TraineesWang Yan, Xiang YuJing, Xie LeiLei, Zheng YiWen, Zhou PeiXi
CKG48Diao Ying, Liang JingJin, Liu YiHan, Pan Ying, Peng YuHan, Qiao YuZhen, Tian QianLan, Zuo Xin
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