For anyone who has ever visited Las Vegas or Macao, the allure of the old fashioned card or numbers game remains strong. The reason behind it is that we have a fundamental belief that “more is better”.

That belief has translated itself into the social media world as advertizers, promoters, groups, and idols all compete on the number of followers they have, how many views a video has received, or the likes given to one of their Tweets/posts.




This is all a smokescreen. An easy way to get a little bit of PR.

Attention is the game

Ju JingYi reached 10 million followers on Sina Weibo (Click to enlarge)

Someone who has an account with 1000 followers can be more important than some who have 1 million. The reason for that is simple: engagement.

One account has 1000 engaged followers, who check it regularly, interact, contribute, share. The other has 1 million followers but some are bots, some haven’t visited in months if not years, or just followed on a whim and never gave it a second thought. Which one has more impact?

This logic extends to our idols as well. Recently, Ju JingYi (SNH48 Hall of Famer) saw her account reach 10 million followers on Sina Weibo. 10 members of SNH48 also have managed to reach the magic number of 1 million+ followers.






The members certainly deserve credit for what is quite an achievement but one must wonder how many of those followers are actually engaged. That is the true marker of popularity and influence.

If your followers are not engaged with your posts then they don’t care or they are fake.

What it boils down to is this: the idols who are truly successful are not the ones with the most followers. They are the ones who can get (and keep) their followers interested.

It is that simple.

The CKG48 trap

CKG48 performing at the Chongqing Cultural Expo (Click to enlarge)

Fans of CKG48 have noticed a significant drop in their attendance numbers of the last few months. There have also been reports of multiple members leaving the group due to poor morale and/or diminishing pay.

Remember pay is directly proportional to ranking and how much money the group actually makes. The more idols sell, the more money they eventually get.

There are no doubt many factors at play in this situation but, at the end of the day, what is really hurting is the lack of interest and engagement of fans.

That lack of engagement results in poor ticket sales at the theater and low sales in merchandise. That last really hurts a group because it is a big chunk of their revenue.

STAR48 is attempting to correct the situation by having the General Manager of the successful GNZ48 group also manage CKG48 but fixing this problem is not going to be fast or easy. It may require a renewal of the members which will not be fair to the existing ones.

This is probaly one of the reasons we have yet to see new sister groups being announced despite obvious work being done on them behind the scenes.

A solution to this must be found to ensure that future sister groups sustain the interest of fans.

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