The finalists have been chosen

SNH48 Group announced on March 29th the pairs that had won the fan vote during the first round of the “Be the Best with You” competition which ended at noon the same day.

Out of the 12 teams that make it to the final round, 5 each will be from SNH48 and GNZ48 (as the largest groups) and 1 each for BEJ48 and CKG48.

Here is the complete list of the first round winners.


Group A: Wang XiaoJia & Jiang Yun
Group B: Lin ShuQing & Nong YanPing
Group C: Xu YangYuZhuo & Zhang Xin
Group D: Duan YiXuan & Yang BingYi
Group E: Zhang YuXin & Zhang Yi


Group A: Wang ZiXin & Yang KeLu
Group B: Hong JingWen & Tang LiJia
Group C: Zhang QiongYu & Luo HanYue
Group D: Lin JiaPei & Chen Ke
Group E: Liang Jiao & Liang Qiao


Huang YiCi & Huang XuanQi


Yang YunHan & Qiao YuZhen

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