On July 6th, 2020, SNH48 has official started the 100 days countdown to the graduation of all its remaining 1st generation members (first covered here) which will take place on October 14th, 2020.

This is a moment that fans of SNH48 Team SII (where all the 1st gen members remain) have been dreading and anticipating for some time. SNH48 has only had a few “graduations” in its history and never 12 at a time!

SNH48 has indicated that the members themselves are playing a critical role in how all of the events surrounding their graduation will take shape.

Here are some of the details we know.

4 main graduation events

Several events and activities are planned during the next weeks to celebrate the 1st gen individually or as a group. However, four main events will define things.

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Graduation EP

1st generation members will participate in the recording of a graduation EP to be released later this year. Members will decide what the title track will be.

Graduation concert

SNH48 will present a final graduation concert in October 2020 featuring the 1st generation. Details to be announced at a later date.

Graduation Tour

Members will go on a farewell tour (assumed to be a Xingmeng Theater tour) and will meet fans through online/offline events.

Graduation song

A new song featuring the 1st gen members as well as SNH48 Group at large that will represent the “passing of the torch” to the younger generations.


A touch of the nostalgic

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Designers decided to go for the nostalgic as they created the look and feel for this graduation theme as they went back to resurrect elements from the debut stage (“Give Me Power!”) of the 1st generation which took place in January 2013. (see original poster on the right)

If you compare the poster to the website below, you will see that the colours and style are very similar.

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