The competition begins!

The week of March 20th saw the start of the performances for the new “Be the Best with You” competition (which we covered here). Each location (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chongqing) is running their own shows to produce 12 finalist pairs which will then compete in votes to determine the winners. Since BEJ48 and CKG48 have less members, they will compete for a single position each in the top 12.


Team SII had the honour to get things started on March 18th, 2021 as the first pairs performed during the team’s “Plan Salvation” stage.

That was followed on the 20th and 21st by teams X and HII.

You can find the Team SII performances at top of the page and the others to the right. Below are the SNH48 pairs that competed in week 1.


As one of the two small teams, BEJ48 only has one round of competition to send a single pair to the finals.

You can watch that in the video to the right from March 19th.


GNZ48 has multiple elimination rounds due to its size, so we will see members appear from March 20th through to March 28th.

You can see the performances from March 20th and March 21st in the videos to the right.

Below are the GNZ48 pairs in competition with the dates of their shows.


CKG48 is the other smaller team only going through a single elimination to select a single pair.

They presented two performances each day during their tour in Chengdu last March 20th and 21st. You can watch that in the videos to the right.

Below are the CKG48 pairs in competition.

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