Team X in last concert before elections

Migu Music, alongside a game maker, was presenting a special concert in Shanghai on July 31st, 2021 to coordinate with the ChinaJoy expo (the largest of its kind in China) presently taking part in the city.

The concert featured two solo artists and members of SNH48 Team X who performed a variety of popular stage songs for the enjoyment of fans in the audience.

This was the last concert for SNH48 (other than a few appearances at ChinaJoy) before the 8th General Elections next week as members from all over are beginning to converge on Shanghai for rehearsals.

Participating members were (from top left to right): Xie TianYi, Qi Jing, Ran Wei, Chen Lin, Lv Yi, HeYang QingQing, Wang RuiQi, Yang BingYi, and Liu ShengNan.

You can watch the SNH48 performances in the video at top of the page.

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