Team SII wins 3rd sports meet

Your hosts: Qian BeiTing and Mo Han

Shanghai welcomed representatives from all the SNH48 Group teams on May 1st, 2021 for the 3rd sports meeting event. This activity was last held in 2019 and returns after a pause in 2020 due to Covid-19. The Qizhong Forest Tennis Centre (site of the 7th General Elections) was the venue this year.

Things were a bit scaled down with a few number of participating teams in attendance. Instead of having all members from all teams, only a select group from teams SII, NII, HII, and X as well as one single team for GNZ48 and a combined BEJ48 / CKG48 team (for a total of 6).

Hosted by Mo Han (Momo) and Qian BeiTing (Money) of AW9, the show started with each team performing a skit before everyone getting together to sing the theme song of the event “Everybody Go!” which was recently re-released with Sun Rui of SNH48 Team SII as the lead.

You can watch the full event in the video at top of page including performances by the 4 finalist teams of the “Best Partner” competition, JNR48, and a mini fashion show featuring PONY products (the main sponsor).

The winners

Here are all the winners in the singles and teams categories.

Musical Chair: Li Hui (SII), Wang QiuRu (SII), Yuan YuZhen (SII), Chen QianNan (NII), Zhang Yi (NII), Li ShanShan(NII), Fang Qi (GNZ48)

Dodge Ball: Team SII

Archery: Zhang Xin (HII)

Car Game: Ran Wei (X)

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Yan Qin (NII)

Obstacle Run: Team HII

Tug of War: GNZ48

Overall Winner: Team SII wins the trophy overall with a score of 194 points. Congratulations!

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