Team SII at Kuaishou awards

The Kuaishou APP is one of the main competitors of Douyin (known as TikTok outside mainland China) and that company presented its 2020 awards on April 10th, 2021.

SNH48 Team SII was invited to perform during the event with two songs: “正义之手” (“Hand of Justice”) from the SNH48 first original EP and “坐标121E31N” from the SII “Plan Salvation” stage.

You can watch that performance in the video at top of the page. Since Kuaishou is an app similar to TikTok, it explains the video image ratio.

Participating members (from bottom left to right): Liu ZengYan, Duan YiXuan, Jiang Yun, You Miao, Li Hui, Lu YeHui, Liu LiQian, Ning Ke, Wang QiuRu, and Zhao TianYang.

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