SNH48 Team NII had already become the smallest team of the group over the last year due to multiple departures but, over the last two weeks, that trend has spiked with well known members taking their unofficial final bows… including both of the Captains.

In what has become a tell-tale sign, both He XiaoHu and Yi JiaAi (the latest) who were Captains of the team have announced they were quitting by removing the “SNH48” tag from their Sina Weibo accounts. A third member who has indicated she was leaving as well but has not changed her weibo is Wang ShiMeng (former 1st generation member of SHY48).

Take out Feng XinDuo who is still listed on the roster but quit months ago and you are left with only 15 members with one being Zhao Yue who is presently away for the Tencent survival show “Produce Camp 2020”.

This is obviously not a situation anyone would want but it is not an unexpected development. Many 1st and 2nd generation members are presently just riding out their contracts. With the pandemic, their opportunities for work have dwindled making the incentive to remain in the group at all almost non-existant.

Fans should expect to see many more 1st and 2nd generation members quitting over the coming months as their contracts expire and/or they decide to move on after 7 and 8 years.

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