Team NII in Huai’an for Migu

Once again, members of SNH48 were on the road to perform at a “Migu & Friends” event for Migu Music (a subsidiary of state-owned China Mobile) as part of promos for the new 5G network in the country.

Team NII was in the city of Huai”anHuai"anHuai"an is a prefecture-level city in central Jiangsu province of Eastern China. Huai"an is a relatively small city in Chinese terms, but it produced three of the most important people in Chinese history: Han Xin, the renowned general who helped found the Han Dynasty, Wu Cheng"en (1500–1582), Ming Dynasty novelist, author of the "Journey to the West"; and Zhou Enlai (1898–1976), prominent Communist Party of China leader, Premier of the People"s Republic of China from 1949 till death. Source: Wikipedia on December 28th to perform for the assembled fans and offered a number of songs from their recent stages as well as a couple of “oldies” from their early days.

A fancam cut of the event is available to view at top of page.

Participating members were: Feng XinDuo, Lu Ting, Wang ShiMeng, Lu TianHui, Zhou ShiYu, and Jin YingYue.

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