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SNH48 announced on June 10th that Team HII would be premiering a new waiting stageWaiting StagesA waiting stage is a "best of" show offering a selection of past songs from various stages and is used as a transition between two original stages. on June 14th!

The title of this new stage will be “橘色奇迹” (“Orange Miracle”) and will offer fan favourites from SNH48 and GNZ48 stages.

Right are the members who will participate in the 3 premiere shows (from June 14th to 16th). Lin SiYi will only participate in one show due to her busy movie filming schedule.

The setlist

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1. “让梦想闪耀” (Team SII 5th stage)
2. “摩天楼的距离” (Team NII 2nd stage)
3. “第1人称” (Team NIII 2nd stage)
4. “未完成少女” (Team NII 6th stage)


5. “雨中的钢琴师” (Team HII 2nd stage)
6. “曲终人散” (Team NII 2nd stage)
7. “纯情主义” (Team SII 3rd stage)
8. “化学超女子” (Team HII 4th stage)
9. “天使的尾巴” (Team SII 3rd stage)
10. “寒夜” (Team SII 7th stage)


11. “黑天鹅” (Team NII 5th stage)
12. “破茧” (Team SII 7th stage)
13. “蒲公英的脚印” (GNZ48)


14. “青春闪电” (SNH48)
15. “幻” (Team SII 7th stage)
16. “模范生” (Team Z 3rd stage)
17. “向日葵” (Team NII 4th stage)

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