Team B is 2 years old

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After their group’s 2nd anniversary on April 20th (as we repored here), it was now the time of the members of BEJ48 Team B to celebrate two years as part of SNH48 Group.

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The original Team B were 5th generation members of SNH48 who were part of the first Team XII back when it was composed of two teams (prior to its disbandment.) They were later supplemented by members of the 6th generation.

Only 6 of the original 5th gen members in this team remain: Chen MeiJun, Duan YiXuan, Hu XiaoHui, Song SiXian, Tian ShuLi, and Xiong SuJun.

You can watch a small video tribute that was shown during the stage at the top of this page.

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