Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tag: Trainees


3 new 4th gens for CKG48

CKG48 started a 2-day tour in the city of Chengdu with their "Miss Camellia" stage on August 29th a day after the passage of...

GNZ48 Tour in Shenzhen

GNZ48 reserved a surprise for fans during their December 31st joint New Year's Eve Countdown stage: the video of the Shenzhen Tour (October 2018)...

2 new trainees for BEJ48

Following the recent promotions of several BEJ48 trainees to teams, it was the time for two new 6th generation trainees to be introduced on...

SHY48 Trainees debut Nov 9th

SHY48 has revealed the promo video for the upcoming premiere of their first trainee stage for their new 4th generation members which were recently...

GNZ48 on tour in Shenzhen

The Top16 of GNZ48 as well as the members of the Trainee team were in tour in the city of Shenzhen on October 6th...

New members for GNZ48 and SHY48!

GNZ48 and SHY48 had a few surprises in store for their fans during their October 5 stages (part of the National Holiday week specials):...
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