Saturday, September 26, 2020

Tag: Top48


Top48 “有你” MV

Filmed in China and set to a futuristic theme, the SNH48 Group Top48 "有你" MV has officially premiered on October 29th concluding the releases...

Discover the 2019 election songs

Now that SNH48 has officially premiered all three songs from the 2019 elections EP through various portals in mainland China, time for you to...

Big names missing from the 2nd prelim results

Fans had been anticipating some surprises for July 7th as the 2nd preliminary results of the 6th SNH48 Group General Elections were about to...

Top48 gives you “天空信”

The SNH48 Group Top48 premiered their new MV "天空信" on October 31st. Filmed in South Korea, this MV features the largest number of sister group...

Top48 “天空信” MV Trailer

The trailer and studio recording for the SNH48 Group Top48 song "天空信" were released on October 23rd. Watch the teaser at top of page. The full...
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