Monday, September 21, 2020

Tag: Teaser


“NEW PLAN” MV to premiere Dec 19th

SNH48 announced on December 12th that the new MV by the subunit SEN7ES would premiere on December 19th, 2019. "NEW PLAN" (out of their last...

Teasers for 1st DeMOON MV

The new SNH48 subunit "DeMOON" has released the "Chapter 1" teaser (top of page) for their 1st MV "FOX" on August 29th. Other teasers will...

“就差一点点” MV for QiXi festival

Qixi Jie: July 7th... the Chinese Valentine's Day. It is no surprise that SNH48 would pick that day to premiere the new "就差一点点" ("Just a...

“Now and Forever” MV teaser… with AI

SNH48 released the teaser for their upcoming "此刻到永远" ("Now and Forever") MV on December 21st. The MV features Li YiTong and Mo Han of SNH48,...

“Seasons” MV teaser

SNH48 has released the audio recording (on Migu Music and Sina Weibo) and MV teaser for its latest song: "春夏秋冬" ("Seasons"). "Seasons" -a unit song...

“Don’t Touch” solo MV on Dec 17

After 10 months of waiting for its release, STAR48 finally delivers on the promise of a solo MV for Ju JingYi (SNH48 Hall of...

Top32 MV to premiere Oct 25th!

SNH48 revealed the teaser for the 2nd of its election MVs on October 19th. "终无艳" ("Endless") is the song for the Top32 of the 5th...
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