Friday, September 25, 2020

Tag: Shen MengYao


Another strong showing at ChinaJoy

Covid-19 may have affected the size of the event and the number of visitors but even a pandemic wasn't going to stop ChinaJoy 2020...

A visit to Putian

Shen MengYao (Team HII), Zhou ShiYu (Team NII), and Yin YingYue (Team NII) of SNH48 traveled to the city of Putian on July 11th...

“我想给你拥抱” MV

The Xinhua Daily (official voice of the Chinese Communist Party) posted on March 14th a new song/MV titled "我想给你拥抱" to show support to all...

Who will attend New York Fashion Week?

7 finalists from SNH48 were competing in a final PK voting event for the Harbin Beer 2020 New York Fashion Week event on January...
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