Monday, September 21, 2020

Tag: Opening Ceremony


In Chengdu once again

Five members of CKG48 were in the city of Chengdu on May 22nd to perform at the opening ceremony of the "High-Tech Zone Festival"...

Opening the Chongqing-Singapore E-sports Festival

Members of CKG48 were on stage on November 17th to help open the "2019 Chongqing-Singapore E-sports Festival". This is a "League of Legend" invitational...

BPL Summer Tournament opening ceremony

SNH48 Team X performed at the opening ceremony of the "Battle of the Balls Pro League" summer tournament on June 21st. The team offered two...

BEJ48 performs for CAPA summit

A large group of representatives from BEJ48 performed for the 2nd CAPA (Chinese Association of Performing Arts) Summit on February 27th. As we reported here...
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