Saturday, September 19, 2020

Tag: New member


2 more 7th gens for GNZ48

GNZ48 revealed two additional 7th generation members during their Team Z stage on October 26th. Ma XinYue and Liu Guo join up with Wu SiQi...

Lv Rui and Ning Ke join Team B

BEJ48 introduced two new members to their roster during the Team B "B A Fighter" stage on October 25th. Lv Rui and Ning Ke become...

Feng XinDuo becomes member of Team E

In a completely surprise move, SNH48 Group made all fans jump on October 18th as it announced that Feng XinDuo (2nd generation member of...

Zhou QianYu returns with CKG48

CKG48 revealed their newest member during their September 7th performance of the "Miss Camellia 片头" stage in Chongqing and it was quite a surprise! Zhou...

Yan YuDie joins CKG48 in Chengdu

CKG48 was once again on tour in the city of Chengdu on July 20th as they presented a new version of their "Miss Camellia"...
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