Friday, October 23, 2020

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MangoTV Youth Festival

SNH48 Group has become a staple of the MangoTV Youth Festival which is a yearly event gathering idols, influencers, and other personalities associated to...

MangoTV “Idol Station” interview

Five members of SNH48 appeared in interview on the MangoTV (part of HunanTV) web show "Idol Station" on February 6th. Shen MengYao (Team HII), Dai...

MangoTV “1212人民的宝贝总决选”

A selection of members from SNH48 Teams SII, NII, and HII were on MangoTV December 12th to participate in their "1212人民的宝贝总决选" special broadcast. 12.12 is...

Huang EnRu on MangoTV

MangoTV (HunanTV) premiered a new variety song competition on December 1st titled "The Hero of Music". Like most shows of its kind, a group of...

Huang EnRu to appear on MangoTV

Huang EnRu of BEJ48 Team J (1st generation member) will appear on MangoTV (HunanTV) starting on December 1st. "The Hero of Music" is a variety...

A busy weekend for SNH48 Group

The saying goes "no rest for the wicked" and it appears that applies to many of our SNH48 Group idols as they are really...
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