Saturday, September 26, 2020

Tag: Liu ShuXian


Duan YiXuan and Li ShuXian for AMD 11.11 CM

A new CM featuring Duan YiXuan and Liu ShuXian of BEJ48 Team B has been released as part of the AMD中国 and ASUS华硕 11.11...

New “女神厨房” cooking web show

The latest SNH48 Group web show titled "女神厨房" ("Goddess Kitchen") premiered on May 15th on the YiZhibo platform (owned by Sina Weibo). This cooking web...

Idol anxieties

Liu ShuXian (Team B) and Xu SiYang (Team E) of BEJ48 were guests for episode 10 of the IQIYI talkshow "你次饭没" on January 31st. This...
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