Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tag: Jiang Shan


“The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion”

Studio48, the movie production subsidiary of STAR48, presented some of its upcoming shows during the 7th General Elections which took place in Shanghai on...

Ju JingYi with SNH48 in a new PV

Ju JingYi (SNH48 Hall of Famer and STAR48 solo artist) had a surprise for her fans on March 6th which was also something for...

TUHU online event

SNH48 members participated in an online promo event for car parts dealer TUHU on April 18th. SNH48 has a long term relationship with this...

“Comic Girl Squad” premieres on IQIYI

March 9th saw the premiere on IQIYI VIP of the newest Studio48 (the movie and TV production subsidiary of STAR48) movie: "萌妹特攻队" ("Comic Girl...

New partnership

SNH48 has stuck a new partnership with online payment APP "沃钱包" in China. Online payment platforms (like online purchasing) are extremely popular in the country...
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