Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tag: Endless Story


Trending after “We Are Blazing”

Tencent welcomed the final of its "We Are Blazing" show on July 23rd with the three finalist groups joined once again on stage by...

“魔女的诗篇” MV premieres!

On October 15th, SNH48 Group finally premiered the eagerly awaited MV for the title track of its 21st EP: "魔女的诗篇" ("Endless Story")! Performed by the...

Listen to “Endless Story” now

SNH48 Group released the first of its four election songs on October 11th! "Endless Story" is the title track of the 21st EP as...

“Endless Story” MV Trailer

SNH48 revealed the trailer for their new MV "Endless Story" during their October 2nd special stage. Filmed in Zagreb (Croatia), the MV is on the...

21st EP “Endless Story” on October 10th

STAR48 has opened the website for their 21st EP "Endless Story" ("魔女的诗篇") on September 30th. The trailer for the Top16 MV is expected to...
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