Saturday, September 19, 2020

Tag: Documentary


GNZ48 in Guangzhou documentary

A new CCTV9 documentary in a series celebrating Chinese cities for the 70th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China was released on November...

“她们的梦与星光” Team X documentary

SNH48 has revealed its latest documentary in the form of a vlog with interviews of members from Team X on June 25th. As the "junior"...

First BlueV documentary

The SNH48 subunit BlueV released their first documentary on September 18th showing them getting ready for their debut which took place at the beginning...

CKG48 introduces 3rd generation

CKG48 had several surprises in store for fans during their special joint appreciation stage held on September 1st! The group wanted to thank their...

4th annual documentary released

"砥砺前行" is the 4th annual SNH48 documentary and was officially released on Tencent July 10th just days before the 5th General Elections on July...
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