Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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BEJ48 out for Dragon Boat Festival

BEJ48 members were hard at work for the Dragon Boat Festival on June 25th as they appeared on two different television specials. CCTV15 special The first...

BEJ48 celebrates Youth Day on CCTV15

May 4th is recognized at "Youth Day" in mainland China (that day is celebrated on different dates throughout the world). Although muted this year,...

CNY galas and shows on the 25th

January 25th was the actual Lunar New Year day in China and SNH48 Group was very visible on various TV stations which were airing...

New Year’s Eve with CCTV

9 members of SNH48 Team NII took part in the official CCTV (state broadcaster) New Year's Eve show on December 31st. This show featured...

Team E on Global Chinese Music Top 10

BEJ48 Team E members appeared on the CCTV15 (music channel) "Global Chinese Top 10 Music Chart" program on November 2nd where they competed with...

“童声唱” for CCTV15

BEJ48 is participating in a CCTV15 youth show that runs every day from February 6th to February 10th titled "童声唱". The show features children...

CCTV15 Winter Concert

SNH48 Team SII were some of the performers on the state-owned CCTV15 station (music channel) on December 30th for their "Winter Concert." Since receiving the...

Global Chinese Top 10 for BEJ48

A select group of BEJ48 members were on the CCTV15 Global Chinese Top 10 Music Charts weekly show on December 1st. The group performed their...

BEJ48 on CCTV15

On October 25th, BEJ48 once again made what has become regular appearances on the CCTV network (state television). This time, they were on CCTV15 (music...
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