Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tag: CCTV1


Team X on CCTV3 for Spring Festival

CCTV3 (Arts channel) presented its official Spring Festival special on January 23rd titled "2020东西南北贺新春" ("2020 East, West, North, and South") which was a celebration...

New Year’s Eve with CCTV

9 members of SNH48 Team NII took part in the official CCTV (state broadcaster) New Year's Eve show on December 31st. This show featured...

Asian Culture Carnival in Beijing

China's "soft power" was in full display on May 15th as the country hosted a special one-day event called the "Conference on Dialogue of...

Spring Festival schedule revealed

As usual, the Spring Festival season is a busy one for the members of SNH48 Group. Not only was there the Best50 Request Time...
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