Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tag: Bandai Namco

Xingmeng Theater 6th anniversary!

On August 30th, SNH48 revealed plans for the celebrations marking the 6th anniversary of their Xingmeng Theater in Shanghai. The event will be part of...

Feng XinDuo solo fan meet

Having won 3rd place during the last general elections in July 2018, 2nd generation member Feng XinDuo of SNH48 Team NII and member of...

Li YiTong meets her fans

The Shanghai Bandai Namco Dream Hall was a hub of activity on March 3rd as several hundred fans gathered from early in the day...
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The official "Pocket48" Youtube channel has been hacked. As a result, some videos are no longer available. We are presently in the process of uploading videos to our channel to replace the links. Stay tuned!