Monday, September 21, 2020

Tag: AnhuiTV


Season 5 of “蜜食记”

AnhuiTV premiered the first episode of season 5 for the "蜜食记" show on November 22nd. The show once again features several SNH48 Group members....

AnhuiTV Lantern Festival special

The SNH48 subunits SEN7ES and BlueV once again appeared on AnhuiTV on February 19th for their Lantern Festival special. Both teams offered short versions of...

4 galas in one night!

February 2nd was the busiest broadcast day of the SNH48 Group Spring Festival schedule for 2019. Members were showcased in 4 different galas throughout...

Spring Festival schedule revealed

As usual, the Spring Festival season is a busy one for the members of SNH48 Group. Not only was there the Best50 Request Time...
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