Saturday, April 4, 2020

Tag: Akira

More impacts of the Wuhan virus

On February 10th, Netease Entertainment released a series of interviews with four young artists who share Wuhan as their home town. One of those...

3×3 basketball event in Beijing

Feng XinDuo and Zhao Yue of SNH8 Team NII were in Beijing on June 17th to help with the promotion of 3x3 basketball event...

“Love Accelerator” bikini MV

Zhao Yue (Akira to SEN7ES fans) of SNH48 Team NII stars in a new bikini MV that she created herself based on the song...
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The official "Pocket48" Youtube channel has been hacked. As a result, some videos are no longer available. We are presently in the process of uploading videos to our channel to replace the links. Stay tuned!