Monday, September 28, 2020

Tag: 4th generation


3 new 4th gens for CKG48

CKG48 started a 2-day tour in the city of Chengdu with their "Miss Camellia" stage on August 29th a day after the passage of...

Welcome Tu XiuWen, Liang JingJin, and Yu YunXuan

CKG48 introduced a new generation for the first time since September 2018 (its 3rd at the time). The sister group having been disbanded in January...

CKG48 to unveil 4th gen

In a move that surprised everyone on June 22nd, CKG48 announced on their Sina Weibo account that they would be revealed three brand new...

Wang QiuRu transferred to Team SII

SNH48 Team SII introduced their newest member during their March 7th stage performance with Team HII. Wang QiuRu is a 4th generation member of the...
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