Saturday, September 19, 2020

Tag: 2nd Anniversary


CKG48 2nd anniversary stage

Members of CKG48 were in a special venue in Chongqing on October 27th as they celebrated their 2nd anniversary with a stage which included...

2 years of “双面偶像” celebrated

September 1st was a special occasion at the GNZ48 Xingmeng Theater in Guangzhou. Team G was performing a special stage to mark the 2nd anniversary...

SEN7ES 2nd anniversary

The SNH48 subunit SEN7ES offered a special stage performance to all their fans on April 6th to commemorate their 2nd anniversary! The show took place...

SHY48 2nd anniversary

January 12th is a bittersweet day for fans of SHY48: it is their official 2nd anniversary. The group debuted with the opening of their Xingmeng...

Team J 2nd anniversary

BEJ48 Team J celebrated the 2nd anniversary of their team formation with a special stage on December 2nd at the Xingmeng Theater in Beijing...

2 years of “Dream Banner”!

October 28th was a significant date for SNH48 Team X. It was the second anniversary of the premiere of their original stage "Dream Banner". To...
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