Sun Rui graduates!

It was an important moment for SNH48 on September 21st, 2021 as Sun Rui of Team SII, one of two remaining original members of the team, officially graduated from the group after winning the general elections two years in a row.

She will now join the SNH48 Hall of Fame (“Star Palace”) alongside Ju JingYi and Li YiTong to begin her new career as a STAR48 solo artist.

Before all that though there were goodbyes to be said and tears to be shed at the Xingmeng Theater in Shanghai where she performed for the last time as a member of Team SII.

Graduation Stages

Two distinct stages were presented for Sun Rui’s graduation. The first, on September 20th, was her last performance of the “Plan Salvation” stage with Team SII. You can see that show in the video at the right.

The second show, on September 21st, was the actual graduation event with Team SII and a few special guests like Lu Ting of Team NII and Qian BeiTing of AW9. That show (watch it at top of the page) was filled with significant team songs and units from Sun Rui’s past as a member.

Hall of Fame member

Having won the SNH48 Group General Elections two years in a row, Sun Rui now enters the Hall of Fame. This was made official with the removal of her portrait from the Team SII wall and the introduction of a new section featuring the current Hall of Famers (see tweets to the right).

One thing that was unexpected is that Sun Rui also saw her photo added to the list of “Honoured Graduates”. It is assumed that the reason is her having completed the full 8 years of her original contract with the company back in August. Fans also noticed that the arrangement of photos on the wall leave room for two more. Those are assumed to be for Lu Ting and Jiang Yun who also will graduate and have completed their full original contracts.

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