If there is one thing that all international fans can agree on is the challenges associated with getting access to any SNH48 Group content (other than videos easily found on Youtube).

STAR48 does not ship to international locations although there are third party services that can allow you to purchase their goods on Taobao (which runs their online store) and then have it shipped. There are also no formal international distributors.

The good news is that SNH48 Group has been taking steps to try and augment its international footprint (including an official Facebook page)

First, STAR48 decided to live stream every SNH48 stage FREE on their official Youtube channel. Second, the number of music streaming sites (both in and out of China) has almost doubled!

Enter JSJ International Entertainment

JSJ International Entertainment, a media promotion company based in Taiwan with offices in BeiJing, specializes in distribution of videos and music from China to international audiences through popular sites like Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, and other similar services.

Evidence points to STAR48 now using this service to distribute its music at the international level. This only applies to new releases.

The table below shows services that currently stream/sell SNH48 Group music.

SNH48 on iTunes
BEJ48 on iTunes
GNZ48 on iTunes
SHY48 on iTunes
SNH48 on Spotify
BEJ48 on Spotify
GNZ48 on Spotify
SHY48 on Spotify
SNH48 on 7digital
BEJ48 on 7digital
GNZ48 on 7digital
SHY48 on 7digital
SNH48 on Amazon Music
BEJ48 on Amazon Music
GNZ48 on Amazon Music
SHY48 on Amazon Music
SNH48 on KKBox
BEJ48 on KKBox
GNZ48 on KKBox
SHY48 on KKBox
SNH48 on MyMusic
BEJ48 on MyMusic
GNZ48 on MyMusic
SHY48 on MyMusic
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