Stop in Shanghai for Team B

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The Covid-19 pandemic has struck the Chinese capital region (Beijing) quite seriously with periodic hotspots of the virus surfacing. The result is that the city has been much slower than elsewhere when it comes to resuming a number of activities… including opening up theaters and other public venues.

This has prevented BEJ48 from reopening for public performances like the other two sister groups. Stages are being performed with no audience which, of course, negatively impacts the revenue of the group as well as the chances of members during the upcoming 7th General Elections.

On tour to generate interest

To help stir things up, BEJ48 has sent Team B on tour to perform a few stages at the SNH48 Xingmeng Theater in Shanghai. The team was scheduled for shows on July 11th and 17th.

Having the team in Shanghai means more time for the other two teams online (as Team B ends up taking a slot normally reserved for SNH48), the ability to perform with a public, and more visibility for several members who remain essential to BEJ’s success (like Duan YiXuan).

You can watch the full stage at top of page and some photos from July 11th above and below.

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