STAR48 targets Japan with PV

With only 30 days to go before the 5th General Elections, STAR48 did something they had never done before. They released a Japanese language promo video (PV) on Youtube directly targeted to those fans.

Watch the video at top of page and you will see that it looks like a fairly standard election PV except for the fact that the text is clearly not Chinese.

Fans remember that, over the last few years, STAR48 has actively promoted the elections in Tokyo with promo trucks in Akihabara or ads in the subway for the winners but this is the first time it takes this specific format.

Below are some Youtube videos showing what has been done in Japan in the past.

It is said that the number of Japanese fans who vote in the SNH48 Group election is growing every year as the interest for the AKB48 election dies down (they had the lowest viewership numbers in their history this year).

It will be interesting to see what other promo events STAR48 has in mind for the international fans.

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