In this article from August 1st, we reported on the announcement that STAR48 has authorized the licensing of a new SNH48 themed game called “Star Dream 48”.

Set to go in the beta stage at the end of August, the game has achieved over 44K applications for it at time of posting.

Here is an early look at the game (still in unfinished state).


The game designers have also revealed some of the SNH48 Group members who will be included in the game along with their avatars.

Zeng YanFen, Team NIIDuan YiXuan, Team BXu YangYuZhuo, Team HIIZhang Yi, Team XIIFeng XinDuo, Team NIIMo Han, Team SIILin SiYi, Team NIIQian BeiTing, Team SIIYang YunYu, Team X
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